Happy Early Halloween, Kids, Vans, Music Videos, short films and more… Its gonna be a good halloween!!!

Hey everyone!!! Happy early Halloween!!! So with Halloween approaching soon, and the movie, “It” just being released and being the highest grossing horror movie of all time… and a movie that I personally loved… I want to release my own kids action adventure kids horror movie… If you read my blogs (which I am sure […]



Happy 2017!!!!!! (Yes I know its already June)

Hey guys! So I know that I have been MIA and I apologize about that, things have just been so crazy busy!!!!! I’ll save all that for the next blog though, and get right into new years…(Yes I know its already June… but without further ado… New years 6 months late) So, my favorite post […]




  • Full Film Release

    Writer/Director Wes Alley has just released a full-version of The Haunted House. The short-film is a classic kid's adventure story. Three friends and one bully spend the night in a haunted house on a dare...and get much more than they bargained for.

  • "Sleepin In Your Arms"

    Tony Slash is 100 miles out from being home with his Gal. Speeding through stormy weather conditions, radio blaring, road conditions be damned, he sings of being back in her arms, but why is he so delirious? Something's not quite right. Enjoy It! SHARE IT!

  • "Go To Bed"

    A little girl is too scared to stay in her room at night...maybe she should be. Director/Writer Wes Alley's submitted his short-film "Go To Bed" to the "15 Second Horror Film Challenge." The film was selected to be released ahead of time as a promotion for the contest.

  • "Anthem of the Douche"

    This is the anthem for the guy you hated, the overrated self righteous douche bag. Warner Drive has released it's latest music video "Anthem of the Douche" directed by Wes Alley.

  • L.Young - "Knocked Out"

    L.Young, R&B artist, writer, and performer, recently released his latest studio album titled "4ever Young" featuring the hit single "Knocked Out". Music video directed by Wes Alley.

  • The Monster in the Closet

    Part of a the 15-second Horror FilmĀ Competition, this film placed 11th of over 200 entries. I also was awarded as one of the top 3 most technical filmmakers from more than 150 directors.

  • Salem's Lott Hot Sauce

    Check out the commercials to promote Salem's Lott line of "scary" hot sauces.

  • Gino and The Lone Gunmen

    This video was a lot of fun to shoot and who doesn't like puppets? Classic rockabilly with a puppet twist. Watch the video and let me know who rocks harder, the real Gino and The Lone Gunmen or Puppet Gino.

  • Warner Drive Music Video

    Warner drive is a hard hitting rock and roll band with a blend of punk and metal edge. If you love rock and roll, this video is for you. Thank you guys and girls from Warner Drive and label Cyber Tracks.

  • The Rocketz

    I love The Rocketz. I saw their video for "KILLING" in 2007 and told my friends "someday I am going to make one of their videos." Five years later, I made that a reality with "Before the Night". Look for another video with them soon!!!

  • Rere-Animated Movie

    ReRe-Animated won Best Short Horror Film at the fabulous ShockerFest International Film Festival 2012! Plus screened as an "Official Selection" at over 10 film festivals: winning "best short film", "best short horror film", and "audience choice".

  • Cock Grease Hair Pomade

    I've directed six Cock Grease Commercials so far, focusing on different lines of the pomade brand. We've featured Tony Slash from the Rocketz, Adam Guerrero from Nekromantix, and Gino Meregillano from Gino and the Lone Gunmen.

Wess Alley

Wess Alley is an award winning Director, Writer, and Producer.

Wesley Alley was born and raised in a small ranch town in Idaho that nobody has ever heard of called, Declo Idaho.Ā  Growing up in the country, Wesley’s love for the outdoors and adventure were only matched by his love for movies.

Wesley remembers the day he knew he was going to make movies. He was sitting on his dad’s lap watching “The Goonies.” His parents had just gotten a divorce and he was going through a hard time. Wesley couldn’t figure out how to deal with it and didn’t really understand it, but at that moment, sitting on his dad’s lap everything was fine. The escape from reality that allowed him to get lost in the adventure changed him. Watching these kids take care of themselves and go on an epic adventure forever changed Wesley. He wanted to make movies like “The Goonies”. He wanted to affect other peoples lives like his had been.

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