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The Monster in the Closet

"The Monster In The Closet" is a 15 second scary story that everyone can relate to. When you were a kid were you afraid of the monster under the bed or the monster in the closet? Some people are still to afraid, even as adults, to sleep with their hands or feet hanging off the bed.

This film was made as part of a 15 second horror film competition where I placed 11th out of over 200 entries. I also won an award for being one of the top 3 most technical filmmakers out of more than 150.


Produced by: Wesley Alley
Written by: Wesley Alley
Director of Photography: Dustin Gardner
Make Up Design and Artistry: Arielle Davidsohn
Sarah Nicklin
Adam Quirch
Gaffer: Dan Prostak
Key Grip: Christopher Miller
Sound: Curtis Schultz
Production Assistant: Maitlyn Pezo
Editor: Curtis Schultz
Visual Effects: Curtis Schultz

  • Make Up!

    Scream Queen Sarah Nicklin getting all beautified by Arielle Davidsohn...They both make this look so easy.

  • The Corpse

    Adam Quirch had a pretty grueling time sitting in the make up chair for quite a while to get this scary look. Its a good thing that all he had to do after was lay down on the job.