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Gino and the Lone Gunmen
The Band

VINTAGE ROCK AND ROLL! Gino and the Lone Gunmen is a 3 piece band that performs a rockin' mix of ROCKABILLY, SWING, BLUES, COUNTRY, and Vintage ROCK and ROLL. Their song catalog includes rockin and swingin original music, as well as all your favorites, including everything from Elvis and Buddy Holly to the Cavern Club days of the Beatles!

The Lone Gunmen have shared the stage with many other great bands such as Slim Jim Phantom, Three Bad Jacks, Big Sandy and more, and after making their debut at the 2012 Viva Las Vegas festival, the band has been quickly gaining more and more fans from around the world!

Band Members

Gino Meregillano- Guitar and Vocals
Bob Sale- Drums
Joe Jadzewski-Bass

Music Video Credits

Album: Idle Hands
Song: Back To You
Music Video Directed by: Wesley Alley

  • Miss Jacquie Macias

    Pin-up Model and Actress Miss Jacquie Macias is quite smitten with puppet Gino. She says "puppet Gino rocks".

  • Puppet Gino

    Puppet Gino rocks!!! These puppets were designed and made to look just like the band. Gino the lead singer hand made all these puppets for the video.

  • Monster Drummer

    The Lone Gunman have several different drummers, so the drummer puppet was designed to be a generic monster. As Gino and Joe say, "We always have a monster drummer." In the music video, as the band plays there are a bunch of different drummers in different shots as a little inside joke.

  • Hands on Puppeteering

    The band members actually played themselves and their puppets in the video. They did some pretty great puppeteering.

  • Puppet Challenge

    Puppeteering inside the hot rod was a challenge. It was a lot of learn-by-doing and trial-by-error. Turned out pretty good though!!!

  • Line of Sight

    Do puppets have eye lines? If they do, the puppet should look right over there. I think that's what I was saying during this picture.

  • The Right Hot Rod

    Finding the right hot rod was tough on such a limited budget. First, we had an amazing hot rod that fell through. We replaced it with another, but personal sutff with the owner pushed shooting a few weeks. When we were ready to shoot, the brakes went out. So I called a buddy whose hot rod I used in The Rocketz music video and one of the CockGrease hair Palmade commercials I directed. Two days before shooting someone side swiped him and wrecked his hot rod. A friend of a friend hooked us up with the owner of this hot rod, and I couldn't be happier. Somehow through all that we found the best hot rod for the video and it was worth all the trouble. Thank you CJ Jensen for saving the day!