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The Rocketz

Sleepin In Your Arms

Before The Night

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The Rocketz
The Rocketz

Tony Slash is 100 miles out from being home with his Gal. Speeding through stormy weather conditions, radio blaring, road conditions be damned, he sings of being back in her arms, but why is he so delirious? Something's not quite right......enjoy latest single by The Rocketz and SHARE IT!

Band Members

Tony Slash - Guitar and Vocals
Anthony Drinkwater - Drums
Nick "Chango" Anchondo - Upright Bass

Music Video Credits

Band: The Rocketz
Song: Sleepin In Your Arms
Label: Splatterhouse Wreckords
Video: SockMonster Productions
Directed by: Wesley Alley

Additional Videos

Sleepin In Your Arms
Before The Night

  • Night Shoot

    Tony Slash on guitar, Austin Schmidt operating camera, in the desert at night fight off the coyote-sized bugs.

  • Laying Down on the Job

    Wesley Alley operating camera while Amanda Markowitz lays down on the job. In a coffin. In the back of a big black van.

  • Look'n Good Isn't Easy

    Tony Slash on guitar, sponsored by Gretsch Guitars - Amanda Markowitz laying down on the job again...It isn't easy looking so good.