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Sleepin In Your Arms

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The Rocketz
The Band

"The Rocketz" an amazing rockabilly, psychobilly, punk rock band are playing the concert of a life time. People line the block, wait for hours just to see the band. The parking lot is full of classic rockabilly "hot rods", "rat rods", and classic bikes. When The Rocketz show up to play they are greeted like the "rock stars" they are until Tony Slash hears a ruckus from the alleyway behind the club. Tony goes to investigate only to be attacked by a legendary werewolf. Is Tony Slash Bitten? Will he to Become a werewolf this full moon? Will the concert still go on? Watch this amazing music video and find out just what happens...

Band Members

Tony Slash - Guitar and Vocals
Anthony Drinkwater - Drums
Nick "Chango" Anchondo - Slap Bass

Music Video Credits

Album: California Hell
Song: Before The Night
Music Video Directed by: Wesley Alley

Additional Videos

Sleepin In Your Arms
Before The Night

  • Tony Slash as the Werewolf

    Amazing make up artist Joe Badiali, Werewolf Tony Slash, and myself being rock-n-roll tuff after Tony's make up is ready!!! Thats one scary physcobilly werewolf.

  • On Stage

    Up on the stage directing the actors playing the crowd. I dont make nearly as cool a werewolf as Tony... Perhaps Joe should have done his amazing FX makeup on me as well.