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Warner Drive

Warner Drive - Boys and Girls

Warner Drive - Anthem of the Douche

The Band

Warner Drive is a Los Angeles based rock band with a blend of punk and metal elements. The group has built a reputation as one of the country's most relentless touring acts, playing 200-250 shows each year for the past three years running. Known for their incredible energetic performance, Warner Drive has shared the stage with bands such as Jet, Hinder, Fuel, CKY, Saving Abel, Camp Freddy, Danko Jones, The Plain White T's, Yellow Card, Steel Panther, and more. Warner Drive was hailed as a highlight of last year's Sunset Strip Music Festival where they tore up the Roxy stage for a sold out house.

Band Members

Jonny Law – Vocals
Ryan Harris – Guitar
Candice Levinson – Guitar
Elvis James – Bass
Jonny U – Drums

Music Video Credits

Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Jonah
Music Video Directed by: Wesley Alley

  • Wesley and Brian

    Actor Brian C. Chenworth and Director Wesley Alley both wishing they could grow facial hair...and making fun of how much he looks like a real hipster.

  • Monster-A-Gogo

    Showing off our filming location The world famous "Monster-A-GoGo" with owner and punk icon Ash Ghoulmore.

  • Thumbs Up

    Thumbs up to Brian C. Chenworth's ridiculously awesome acting. Everyone was on the floor rolling with laughter during this scene.

  • Bloody Disgusting

    Even the the video was not horror themed Bloody Disgusting premiered the video which is an honor and super awesome!

  • Even the Cat

    Shooting this video was one of the most fun times I have ever had. Brian C. Chenworth was so funny, the whole crew had such a great time. I have never laughed so hard in my life then the days we spent on set making this video. Even the cat had a great time!

  • Fake Tattoos

    Brian C. Chenworth getting a fake tattoo...playing the part hilariously.